Top 10 Three-Wheel Bikes for Adults

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike4.1$$1077
Kent Folding Tricycle3.8$$216
Torker TriStar 2.14.4--10
Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro4$$172
Northwoods Rock Point Trike3.9$$$25
WindRoamer Adult Dually5$$$1
Worksman Port-o-Trike3.6$$$52
Mobo Shift Reversible Cruiser3.6$$$27
Iglobalbuy 6-Speed Tricycle2.9$$51
PFIFF Grazia Electric Tricycle--$$$$--


Lately, tricycles have become quite popular among adults. Although, small kids ride a tricycle before riding a bicycle, adults also love to ride tricycles. No matter what their reason is, whether they are not able to balance a bicycle or they just need a third wheel for moving big objects from one place to another, tricycles can help people in their all kinds of endeavors.


We have listed the 10 best tricycles for adults in this review. These tricycles are convenient to ride, environment friendly, and cost effective. Moreover, by riding one of these tricycles you can become fit. You can opt for a regular tricycle that comes with big storage basket or a racing tricycle. Our buying guide will help you choose the best tricycle for yourself.


#1 Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Bike


Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Heavy-duty 26-inch wheels
  • Great for daily shopping trips
  • Can hold heavy loads
  • Speed of up to 7 miles/hour
  • Padded spring cruiser saddle
  • Upright comfortable handles
  • Quick single-speed mechanism


The Schwinn tricycle sports a fast single speed design. This trike is particularly meant for tall riders and since it has a large footprint, it is difficult to fit in small spaces. With a light yet durable aluminum frame and a convenient design, this trike is known for its stability. The wheels of this trike are great for riding on all types of terrains, including tarmac roads and off roads.


Since, the Schwinn tricycle accompanies a strong and durable construction with spokes made of stainless steel, its rims are strong and do not bend easily. Furthermore, the Schwinn adult tricycle comes with upright handle bars, rear basket that can fold, and padded cruiser saddle, all of which make your ride as wonderful as possible.


This trike has an adjustable seat height, which enables you to adjust the seat according to your height. The Schwinn Meridian bike has a speed of up to seven miles per hour. The fast single-speed mechanism of this trike helps you to speed it up as and when required.


#2 Kent Westport Folding Tricycle


Key Features

  • Extra-wide seat
  • Adjustable upright handle bars
  • 26 spoke alloy rims
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Foldable
  • Durable and tough steel frame
  • Strong linear-pull brakes


The Kent Westport trike has a solid construction and average price range. It offers comfort to the rider, with its simple design and affordable price. Built with heavy-duty string steel frame, this trike is durable, so that it can go on for many years.


The Kent Westport Tricycle is outfitted with a design of step-through, which makes mounting and dismounting it really easy. This tricycle comes with powerful brakes that have linear-pull ability, which works on every type of surface, including slick ones, thus allowing you to ride anywhere. With a single speed setting, you can ride this trike anywhere on leveled surfaces.


The Kent Westport trike is full of superior features, including extra-wide seat, adjustable upright handle bars, 26 spoke alloy rims, wheels of 20-inch, etc. All these features provide extra stability to the bike. The suspension fork in this tricycle helps to soften obstacles and road bumps, in turn offering you a smooth ride. The folding mechanism of this trike lets you store it anywhere, whether in a small room or garage.


#3 Komodo Cycling 24″ Adult Tricycle


Key Features

  • One year warranty
  • Six-speed system
  • Shimano gear shifter
  • 240 pounds weight capacity
  • Low frame
  • Comfortable and broad seat
  • Step-through structure
  • Additional accessories like a loud bell, three fenders, and a big wire basket
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverability


This Komodo adult tricke has a warranty of one year in order to ensure riders that it is strong and durable. It is fitted with a six-speed mechanism, which makes it an ideal choice for people who commute regularly on a bike. Although, the Komodo tricycle is great to ride on even and flat surfaces, it is as much fun to ride on hills.


The Komodo adult trike comes with two derailleur shifters, namely Shimano RS45 and Shimano TY-210, which are adjustable and long lasting. The low frame of this tricycle makes it simple to mount. This means you will not need help from anyone else to climb this tricycle.


The Komodo adult tricke has a huge weight capacity of 240 pounds. It accompanies a comfortable and broad seat and step-through structure, which makes it easy for the rider to hop on and off this tricycle. The Komodo tricycle comes with the best additional accessories, such as a loud bell, three fenders, a big wire basket, etc. The lightweight design and easy maneuverability are some of the other features of this tricycle.


# 4 Worksman Port-o-Trike Adult Tricycle


Key Features

  • Step-through structure
  • 215 pounds weight capacity
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Standard steel rims
  • 20-inch tires


This Worksman Adult Trike is lightweight and efficient to run. It accompanies a user-friendly and stable accessory. The Worksman Three Speed Adult Trike features a three-speed mechanism, which lets you run it on your own speed along with safety.


Equipped with large 20-inch wheels, the Worksman tricycle can run on all types of terrain, thus offering the rider with a smooth riding experience. Moreover, this trike accompanies a rear cargo basket that is coated with vinyl. You can keep your groceries or any other shopping product in the rear basket of this tricycle.


This trike features a simple frame with step-through structure, which allows both females and males of 4 to 6 feet height to easily mount and run this trike. It has a weight capacity of nearly 215 pounds. The foldable design and lightweight structure of this tricycle enables you to store it anywhere in your home and take it anywhere.


This heavy-duty tricycle is made as per industrial standards with durable steel frame, which means it is perfect for your daily chores. The standard steel rims and large 20-inch tires of the Worksman Adult Tricycle allow you to ride it on any type of surface, as its tires provide improved stability and grip even on wet surfaces.


#5 Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike


Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality parts
  • Responsive brake
  • Durable steel frame
  • Compact design
  • Rear-mounted metallic basket with 45 pounds capacity


The Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike is great for tall people, who have a height of six feet. This trike features a three-speed system that allows riders to run it on different speeds. Even when you ride this trike on high speeds, you can be sure that it will not topple over or injure you.


You can run your daily chores on the Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike, as it accompanies a heavy load bearing metallic rear basket that can carry a weight of up to 45 pounds. Anyone can ride this trike, as it is extremely easy to ride. The Raleigh Bikes 3-Speed Trike is safe to ride anywhere, whether in cities or residential areas.


The lightweight Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike can be run by anyone as it has a simple mechanism. Plus, it is extremely easy to mount this tricycle. It features a three-wheeled design, which allows riders to maneuver it easily without any issues and thus offers a stable ride.


The high-quality parts and responsive brake of this tricycle are sure to last long. This trike is made of durable steel frame with a compact design. The trike is fitted with a rear-mounted metallic basket that has a capacity of 45 pounds.


#6 Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle


Key Features

  • 20-inch tires
  • High-quality rust-resistant aluminum rims
  • Single speed drive train with one-piece crank
  • Several controls and pedaling competence for comfort
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Steel rear basket
  • Foldable
  • Pull and parking brake


This Mantis adult tricycle can be folded, which makes it easy to store anywhere even in small spaces. Built with durable steel frame, this tricycle will last you long without any worries of bending. It features steel suspension fork, which absorbs shock perfectly, in turn offering users a smooth riding experience free of road bumps and obstacles. This means that you can ride the Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle even on rough and rocky terrains and still get an even ride.


The Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Trike is made for both men and women. This trike features large tires of 20-inch, which are durable and sturdy, in turn providing more stability. Moreover, the rims of this trike are made of high-quality rust-resistant aluminum, which makes it work for a long time. The trike runs on a single speed drive train along with one-piece crank. The several controls in this trike offer comfort to the user in addition to the pedaling competence. With an adjustable seat height, steel rear basket, and pull and parking brake, this trike is perfect for everyone.


#7 Razor DXT Drift Trike


Key Features

  • Durable construction for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Stainless steel frame that lends high performance
  • Slider POM wheels
  • Pro-style grips and grip tape
  • Modifiable bucket seat
  • Hook attachment
  • Well-designed bearing


The trike offered by Razor is ideal for all those people who are interested in tricycle racing. Adults who want to have fun while riding their bike can buy this bike with three wheels. The overall design of this trike enables you to do several tricks, like complete 180 degree turns and fish tails.


The overall steel construction of Razor DXT Drift Trike makes it last for a long time. Moreover, its steel is highly corrosion resistant, which adds up to its durable structure. The Razor DXT Drift Trike is fitted with BMX design pedals, flexible front wheels, rear wheels of 10-inch, and alloy crank mechanism.


This trike has a durable construction, which allows it to be used both outdoors as well as indoors. The slider POM wheels of this tricycle offer the rider excellent performance, without slipping on any type of surface. Some of the other features of the Razor DXT Drift Trike include pro-style grips, grip tape, modifiable bucket seat, hook attachment, and well-designed bearing.


#8 Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle


Key Features

  • 26-inch wheels
  • High-end safety features
  • Rear basket
  • 16-inch frame to suit every height
  • Adjustable seat


Schwinn is so much popular for its tricycles that we have featured one of the other trikes from this brand on our list. It is the Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle. Although, this tricycle has the same height as the Schwinn Adult 26-Inch Bike, it has different features.


The Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Trike features a 16-inch frame in order to accommodate people who are tall and have a huge build. If you are one of those, who feels that you cannot ride a trike just because you are too big for it, then fret not as the Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle is perfect for you.
The Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Trike features 26-inch wheels. This tricycle has high-end safety features. This trike is fitted with a rear basket, which enables you to make regular trips to different stores. The seat adjustment feature provides the rider with an ideal cruising experience.


#9 Mobo Triton Pro


Key Features

  • Safety flag for enhanced visibility
  • Unique steering mechanism that boosts cardiovascular system functioning
  • Recumbent design


This trike has a unique design as compared to other three-wheeled cycles available in the market. The recumbent aesthetic of this trike reduces the stress put on arms and shoulders of the rider. With a unique steering mechanism, the Mobo Triton Pro enhances the coordination of hands and eyes. Moreover, its adjustable frame is suitable for riders who have a height between 50 inches and 75 inches.


However, the trike is a little bit slow in speed, as it cannot run for more than four miles in an hour. The Mobo Triton Pro is a great choice for all those people who suffer from joint pains, but still want to ride a tricycle. This trike is fitted with a safety flag for enhanced visibility. This trike features a unique steering mechanism, which in turn boosts the functioning of the cardiovascular system.


#10 Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle


Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Handlebars
  • Super low stand
  • 24-inch alloy wheels
  • Large springer cruiser seat
  • Big foldable rear basket


The Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch trike has a structure of 24 inches. It features a large springer cruiser seat, which is fully adjustable in order to provide comfort to any type of rider. With a super low stand frame, which is made of high quality aluminum, this trike is both corrosion as well as rust resistant.


You can purchase this trike at an affordable price. The spacious, lightweight, and stylish design of the Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle makes it a popular choice among buyers. This trike provides the best cruising experience to the rider.


The Schwinn Meridian 24-Inch Tricycle is fitted with full wrap fenders and handlebars, which increase the comfort level of the rider. With alloy wheels of 24-inch in size, this trike features a large springer cruiser seat, along with a big foldable rear basket. You can use this basket for storing your shopping products.


Best Tricycles for Adults: Buying Guide


Choosing the perfect tricycle for yourself comes with some considerations. Before you go out to purchase a tricycle, make sure that you check these important elements and then only buy the tricycle. Have a look at some significant factors for buying the best tricycle for adults.



There are different types of tricycles that you can choose from. You can opt for any of these tricycles depending on your requirements and purpose. The different types of tricycles available in the market are listed below.


  1. Upright tricycles

The most common type of trikes is upright tricycles. People, who want a stable tricycle and want to carry many items in a strong basket, can opt for an upright trike. These tricycles come in different styles. In order to make your tricycle different from others, you can opt for a chopper tricycle, which is somewhat cool and stylish. In these types of tricycles, there are two styles offered, namely recumbent and semi-recumbent options.


Both these tricycle styles have pedals in the forward direction in order to make pedaling easier for the user. Moreover, these trikes give a relaxed and comfortable riding position to the rider. However, the recumbent tricycle is lower than its counterpart and therefore some people may find it hard to ride this type of tricycle. Rather, you should opt for the semi-recumbent style in tricycle.


  1. Folding tricycles

If storage is an issue with you, then you must opt for folding tricycles that can fold and thus save your space. Such tricycles can be collapsed for simple storage. These type of tricycles are ideal for people, who do not have much storage space.


  1. Industrial tricycles

As the name suggests, industrial tricycles are meant for commercial purposes. They have a heavy-duty construction, which allows easy transportation of heavy loads from one place to another. If you have to carry large loads, then you can buy an industrial tricycle for this purpose.


  1. Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles come with the option of pedaling or no pedaling. People who do not want to pedal every time can go for electric tricycles. However, since electric tricycles run on electricity, they are costly than fellow tricycles. Nevertheless, they can make your work quite easier, as you do not have to pedal.


  1. Racing Tricycles

Racing tricycles are meant for racers, who want to use their bike for racing. These types of trikes are very low to the ground, which allows them to provide the ideal gravity center. Moreover, the wheels of racing trikes are built to provide control during corner turns.


The age of the user

Before you buy a tricycle, you must ensure to take the user’s age into consideration. No matter what the age of the user is, he or she can be of any size and weight. Depending on their weight and size, you must select a tricycle that meets their demands and needs.


For beginners, tricycles that come with pedals are good, since they help in driving mobility. Moreover, pedal tricycles help in body exercise and muscle strengthening, which further is good for users of every age group.



Tricycles are available with different installation mechanisms, including non-assembled, assembled, and pre-assembled. If you do not want much hassle, you can buy assembled tricycle for yourself. However, if you can take the pain to assemble the tricycle, you can go for pre-assembled or non-assembled tricycle. It is quite easy to install a tricycle by following the guidelines provided in the installation manual that accompanies the tricycle.



There are many features that a tricycle sports. This includes single and multi-speed settings, sturdy construction, dual brakes, stylish fenders, collapsible basket that can become a flat bed, well-cushioned seat, folding frame, having a weight of at least 300 lbs, etc.


No matter what all features you require in your trike, the most important aspect is to be sure that it suits your body and does not result in bad aches in your hip or back. Your tricycle should give you the best cruising experience. This is why the features you choose in your tricycle can differ from the ones that your friend or someone else has chosen, since these depend on individual preferences and needs.


Ease of Use

The tricycle you choose to buy should be easy to use. This includes that it should be easy to assemble as well as to ride as opposed to a bicycle. Otherwise, what’s the use of buying a bike with three wheels? Moreover, a tricycle enables you to transport heavy things from one place to another, as it accompanies a big basket. The basket is situated at the back on top of the two wheels.


You can carry heavy loads in this basket, such as books, backpack, your puppy, etc. Generally, an adult bicycle can carry nearly four full bags of grocery and jugs filled with approximately 5 to 6 gallons of fluid. This means your tricycle can help you in completing your daily movement tasks. And, even if you go for a lightweight trike, then also you can carry heavy loads on it, since it is built with durable material.


Now, you can buy the best adult tricycle or trike. The best tricycle is the one that has good reviews and has nice features. It also depends on your own preferences as to what type of tricycle suits your requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to read this buying guide before you buy a tricycle and then compare the different trike options, so that you can get the best one for yourself.